Martin K. Ettington

Exploring and Settling Our Huge Solar System

We are all taught in grammar school that the Solar System consists of nine planets (although Pluto’s status has changed) and some moons. Maybe the Asteroid Belt is mentioned too.

However, this is a drastic simplification of our Solar System. There are at least 218 natural moons in our system. The Asteroid Belts also include an estimated 1.9 million asteroids. In the outer parts of the system there may be more millions of objects in the Kuiper Belt and even millions more additional objects in the Oort Cloud which is even further out.

In this book we will cover some of the amazing facts about the Moons we know about, many of the amazing objects around our star the Sun, and colonization ideas around the Solar System.

Even though mankind dreams of someday traveling to the nearest stars our Solar System has enough places to visit and colonize for thousands of years.

This book lays out the structures and objects of the Solar System in detail and discusses which parts of it we should colonize, build on, or mine.

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