Ph.D.,Zorica Gojkovic

Daily Self-Care

Much of the time we are unhappy because we have lost touch with our essential selves. We don't know how we really feel, what we really think, what we really need, what our hearts really want. Yet, it's easy to reestablish optimum well-being by simply taking some time to take care of ourselves.
Daily Self-Care will help you:
Identify and resolve worries and concerns.Uncover deep needs and desires so you can take action to fulfill them.Remember your values and priorities so you can eliminate life-draining unimportant activities.Clear heavy energies and establish vitality and lightness of being.Identify and manifest something you wanted for a long time but never took action to make happen.Set positive intentions for your life.Connect to your essential self, your divine self, to joy, love and peace.Expand your spiritual potential.You are especially encouraged to listen to this meditation when you are feeling out of sorts for no apparent reason. It will help you find the cause and offer solutions and healing.
Each time you listen to Daily Self-Care, you will uncover new, deeper material, gain more awareness about yourself and your situation. Human evolution is the evolution of consciousness; you move from the limiting human perspective to the freedom of soul truth. That is the healing.
The calming voice of Moxie LaBouche will guide you through the meditation along with the lovely music of Thaddeus.
The guided meditation is about 27 minutes. 10 minutes of just music follow. It is recommended you continue to listen and take in the healing.
Headphones are recommended.
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