Carla Dubois


If you have young children, you know how every day can be a struggle if your child doesn’t behave.
Even the most patient and nurturing parents can sometimes lose it when facing a defiant little human.
Every parent has to deal with this type of issue during his life…
The real question is: how should we discipline our children without losing it?
That is the final aim of Positive Discipline.
Positive discipline emphasizes mutual respect and utilizes positive instructions.
It focuses on learning (for the future) instead of punishing (of the past). Studies consistently show that using positive discipline yields better outcome in terms of the child’s behavior, emotional growth, academic performance and mental health.
If you really want to grow up your little child or children in a real positive and effective way you need a guide like “Positive discipline for kids: Helping your kid in developing Self-Discipline with loving parenting” by Carla Dubois.

By the time you read the book you will learn:
how to build a relationship with your child37 tips for pacefull parentinghelp your children to develop a sense of selfhow to talk with your children about anythingtips on effectively disciplining your children...and much more!

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