Sheritta Bitikofer

The Nexus (A Legacy Novella)

For decades, Jane and Adam have kept their relationship a secret from the feuding races. If either werewolves or vampires find out about their torrid, mixed-race love affair, they would be killed. A mixed pair is an abomination. But secrecy isn’t good enough for them. They want more. Little do they know that hatred, prejudice, and an ancient prophecy would make it nearly impossible to achieve anything close to “normal”.
When Jane finds out that she’s pregnant with the first hybrid child in thousands of years, their list of allies and enemies must finally be taken into account. Who could they trust when their races were on the brink of war? With her father as one of their sole defenders, the unorthodox pair have to get creative in their plan to hide away. The fate of the world depends upon their union surviving this storm.
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