Kari Trumbo

Teach Me to Love

Conrad will lose his ranch if he doesn’t learn to read. While the arrival of a teacher seems like Providence, his heart might stand in the way.Izzy arrives at the Broken Circle O so out of sorts she collapses in Conrad's arms.
As people he trusts stab him in the back, he must confide in Izzy. But can he teach her to live again in return?
As Izzy opens up to the handsome rancher, she’s torn by her fear of the past. When Conrad is attacked and Izzy is abducted, he can’t deny what he feels any longer.
Can Conrad and Izzy learn to trust, and maybe love? Will a man with murderous intent steal the ranch or worse?
Teach Me to Love is the first book in the realistic Brothers of Belle Fourche historical Christian romance series. If you like well-developed characters, emotional journeys, and faith-based happily-ever-afters, then you’ll adore Kari Trumbo’s touching story.
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