The Crucible's Gift, James Kelley
James Kelley

The Crucible's Gift

Can you recall a time when adversity or a negative moment caused you personal or professional pain? How did this adversity moment transform your identity? Did you become more compassionate, live with more integrity or develop a deeper sense of self? This is the journey the The Crucible’s Gift, will guide you on.

If you love the work of Brené Brown, you will love what James Kelley, Ph.D. has to say in his inaugural book. James is a highly sought-after international speaker, interviewed over 140 executives from around the world to learn how leaders transform their leadership style after moments of adversity.
So, if you want to learn how to move your leadership style from it 'happened TO me' to it 'happened FORme', then the The Crucible's Gift is for you! 

Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, and author of Discover Your True North.

-James Kelley’s extraordinary book, The Crucible’s Gift, will guide you on a deep exploration of how to become an authentic leader – learning and growing from your crucible experience with increased self-awareness, integrity, compassion, and ability to relate to others. Following Kelley’s great wisdom will not only enable you to become a better leader but a better human being as well.
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The Crucible's Gift, James Kelley
The Crucible's Gift
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