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Camping and Birdwatching Adventures Bundle, 2 in 1 Bundle

Camping and Birdwatching Adventures Bundle, 2 in 1 Bundle: Camping Adventures and Birdwatching Handbook
When the weather starts warming up, families start planning their vacation time. One of the most popular spring, summer, and even fall activities for families is camping. Getting outdoors and close to nature puts everyone in a good mood and it boosts vitamin D levels. And the fresh air is really good especially if you’re used to living in the city where there’s not a lot of fresh air. Birdwatching is the observation of birds in their natural habitat. It is a popular pastime or sport for many as many people find enjoyment in watching and identifying different birds. Millions of people enjoy birdwatching and it is even gaining popularity amongst the younger generation.
Camping is fun but there is a lot that needs to go into planning a fun, and safe, camping trip for the family. This bundle will teach you everything you need to know when planning a camping trip like what type of equipment you need - including clothing, cooking items, and things that will keep you and your family safe. You will also learn camping activities you can enjoy. It will also teach you about birdwatching and everything that comes with that versatile hobby that everyone can enjoy.
This 2 in 1 bundle includes the following audiobooks:
Camping Adventures: The Essential Guide on How to Have Fun Camping, Learn Camping Basics, Tips on Preparations and Activities For Your Next Camping AdventureBirdwatching Handbook: The Ultimate Guide on Birdwatching, Discover Everything You Need to Know on How to Find and Identify Birds in Your Backyard and BeyondGet your copy of Camping and Birdwatching Adventures 2 in 1 Bundle today!
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