Mathew Li Zahng

Rental Property Investing: The Essentials for Experienced Investors

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There are answers to questions that now come with being a landlord.

How do you handle a late-paying tenant? What are your legal responsibilities to the neighbors of your rental property? How beneficial is it to invest in an out of state property? Can you gauge what all the costs will be versus its profitability? Will it be worth it?

You’ve been expanding your real estate investment business and creating rentals in local areas and are ready to expand to areas further away and possibly, out of state. Simultaneously, you have another title – that of a landlord and you’re learning how to manage and maintain your rentals, interacting with your tenants and facing challenges that are specific to the real estate rental business.

This book is full of valuable information about managing your rental properties, interacting with your tenants, continuing to grow your real estate business, and using today’s technology to keep you informed about the investment end of your business and the legal end of your rental landlord business.

This book answers many of these questions and helps you to increase your real estate knowledge as well. Some of the highlights are:

. What pre-rental steps you should take each time you rent one of your properties?

. Why you should keep a record of every communication you have with your tenant and how to set communication limits that will work for you

. What are the pros and cons of investing out of state properties? What scams should you be aware of? What areas may prohibit rental properties?

. Why you should become an expert in real estate market property analysis and how you can achieve this

. Why you should be prepared in the event of a catastrophic event at your rental property in case your worst fear becomes a reality

. And more!
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