Charlie Hedo

Hotwife and Lumberjack

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That day in June you worked with the chainsaw, to separate the mighty tree trunk from its roots and branches and cut it into manageable pieces. The chainsaw made quite a noise, didn't it John?
You didn't hear the bell.
Of course not.
The doorbell rang. Unbelievable noisy it was.
It was Jean Claude, my lover who looks like the Marlboro man in the tv-commercials. Not to be confused with his cousin Jean Paul, who looks like the coca cola guy.
I don't know what I fancy the most, Marlboro or Coca-Cola, but I do like them both. You know that.
You remember Jean Claude? He’s the one who chews green-tea-with-gember gum and has no coffee-machine at home. You know everything about that chewing gum, don't you, John? He’s the one who comes by and drinks coffee with me, here, in our kitchen, John!
You'll never forget him. Not even when we celebrate our golden anniversary.
Me neither.
Because of the chewing gum history in the first place, but now also because of the double tree disaster. Listen!

‘Dirty talk Murielle’ knows how to excite her husband. “You’re the best,” we heard John saying.
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Hotwife and Lumberjack
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