Rohit Bhargava


We have always decided who to trust, what advice to heed, and which individuals to forge personal or transactional relationships with based on a simple metric of believability. If you were believable, you could be trusted. Success will come from understanding one basic principle - how to be more TRUSTED. This is the formula of this book - how to become more trusted so that you will be more believable. Critical to doing this is leaving behind some of the common conventional thinking, from how we measure business success to the blind beliefs that drive each of us - and instead being able to focus more on unique and nonconformist techniques in business and life that actually make the biggest difference. It's important to reach the consumer while his or her mind is on that particular topic. The consumer will then place a correlation between your company and the item or service that they need (and that you provide). This last step, the author explains, is crucial in beginning the coveted trusted relationship with your consumers. For example, Ford Model Company began uploading YouTube videos of their models giving how-to advice on make-up, hair, and fashion. While the company will most likely not gain new models or revenue from this tactic, they have successfully reached out to a young generation of girls who will now grow up aspiring to be like the models from Ford Model Company, securing name recognition for the next generation of top models. Travel agencies, resorts, and adventure companies should advertise in airport vans and cabs. Most people plan their vacations as they are leaving from one so they will be thinking of new vacation ideas.
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