Judy Hubbard

The Storyteller's Kit Box

Learn how to create and tell spellbinding oral stories for the special children in your life with The Storyteller's Kit Box.

Children’s author and story weaver Judy Hubbard shows how easy it is to build magical stories using a simple 4 step approach – character, setting,action and resolution – and an armada of great story themes.

The Storyteller’s Kit Box provides helpful tips on story delivery, instructions for creating props bags and story boxes…and sample stories to get you started.

There are helpful educational insights from early childhood educator, Tarryn Robertson, too.

It’s well known that storytelling can:

• expand young minds and imaginations

• build rich relationships

• develop language, active listening and curiosity

• and even get kids to sleep – day or night!

So unleash your inner storyteller…on quiet weeknights, slow weekends, holidays, in the car, walking to the park, in the waiting room – anytime at all!
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