Jennifer Arlington
Dark Psychology
Jennifer Arlington

Dark Psychology

Verbal abuse, it’s sick, it’s cruel, it’s wrong, and so very, very damaging. Why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to hurt people? How do we stop it? This book will help you to answer these questions along with questions such as these, what is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath? How do I tell if someone is one? What about kids, can kids be psychopaths? Don’t worry, this book will open your eyes by discussing topics such as,

•What are some of the signs of verbal abuse?
•Why do people, guys and girls, abuse each other?
•What influence does verbal abuse have on someone?
•The mental disorder of sociopathy.
•Inside the mind of a psychopath.
•Identifying a psychopath.
•The secret methods a psychopath uses to manipulate others.
•How to carefully handle a crazed child.
•What does persuasion do to the mind.
•Learn what paranoia actually is.

While this book isn’t the definitive work on these subjects, it does contain valuable information that is important for all to know, because verbal abuse exists everywhere, in fact, it has caused suicides, school shootings, and destroyed lives. Buy the book, learn the signs, stop the abuse and help the victim.
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