Judy Leslie

Cook's Cove

Jenny promises her eccentric aunt she will run the antique shop and live in the hundred-year-old house in Cook’s Cove when her aunt dies. But is she prepared to give up her career, lifestyle, and fiancé in California or a life in a small Northwestern coastal town to fulfill that promise? Then a mysterious stranger at the funeral tells Jenny that someday she might learn the “truth” about her aunt.
Curious, she wants answers and knows Cook’s Cove with its lingering secrets is the only place she’ll get them. But Jenny discovers some people don’t want her in this tourist town and are going to extremes measures to make her leave. Just how much is she willing to sacrifice to solve the mystery about her aunt?
Cook’s Cove is a captivating story, full of interesting characters and dotted with twists and turns.
This delightful mystery is a must for women’s fiction fans.
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Judy Leslie


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