Susanna Beard

The Perfect Neighbour

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Beth wants to love her new home on a quiet suburban street. She wishes she could make friends with her beautiful neighbour Oksana. She longs for a new group of friends. Welcoming neighbours to visit. Coffee dates and dinner parties.
But life here feels so closed. Then Beth runs into Oksana’s garden one day to fetch her runaway dog, and she sees something shocking that makes her wonder who her new neighbours really are.

A girl in the window.
A pale desperate face.
A hastily scribbled sign bearing only two words.


Who is the girl? What are the neighbours hiding?

Sometimes, it’s the most perfect neighbours that hide the most terrible secrets.


“I found myself frantically turning the pages, desperate to uncover what happened!” - Tracy Buchanan, author of Wall of Silence

“Taut and tense . . . builds to an electrifying conclusion!” - Kirsten Hesketh, author of Another of Us

“Bears all the hallmarks of a great thriller . . . I defy anyone not to get swept up in it.” - Claire Dyer, author of The Last Day

“Articulate and gripping — an impressive achievement.” - Shelley Weiner, author of The Sister’s Tale

“I enjoyed Susanna’s emotive and thought-provoking novel — I thought it was an engrossing mystery.” - Sam Carrington, author of I Dare You

“The writing pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until the very last line.” - Robyn B.
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