Personal Development - The 76 Unbreakable Laws for Your Personal Development


In this life it is of great importance to EVOLVE. DEVELOPING SKILLS is as important as breathing for living. When we develop skills we can CHANGE OUR LIFE, and not only our own, but we can IMPACT MILLIONS of people!
We are individuals from thousands of years of evolution, the vast majority of everything we enjoy today was created, and we will continue to create more and more because PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT has no limits!
This book will help you to MAKE SMART DECISIONS in your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT journey and to follow it up courageously. This means having the MATURITY to take one hundred percent responsibility for your WELLNESS, your VOCATION, your MONETARY RESOURCES, your RELATIONSHIPS, your EMOTIONS, your HABITS, and your SPIRITUAL NIGHTS.
It requires you to look DEEPLY at yourself, to choose CONSCIOUSLY what kind of individual you really are on the inside, and then to make YOUR OUTER REALITY congruent with YOUR INNER SELF. The goal is to help you achieve OVERHEAD EFFECTIVENESS while holding the INNER BALANCE, where your NOCATIONS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS and SKILLS are COLLECTIVELY WORKING to produce the life you really want.
These PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT topics will serve as a great start if you are just getting started!
They will put you on the RIGHT PATH to control any situation, achieve GOALS and become a better individual.
This book will give you the KEYS to get you on track to be an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS person!
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