Som Bathla

Think With Full Brain

Learn How to Use Full Brain Power and Become A Whole-Brained Thinker.THINK WITH FULL BRAIN is all about how to harness the full potential of your brain by developing multiple thinking approaches. The book offers a holistic approach to empower you unleash your left brain’s logical, organized thinking as well as your right brain’s emotional, and creative thinking preference. This is your guide to avoid thinking in silos and develop a full brain thinking approach to take your decision making and problem solving skills to the next level.
Strengthen your dominant thinking style, Nurture multi-perspective thinking and become a Situationally Whole-brained ThinkerWhy IQ just predicts 6 to 10 percent of your career success, understand multiple intelligences and tap the brain’s full potential.Understand the four different thinking preferences and nurture each one to become situationally whole brained.How male and female brain structures are different and how understanding each other’s thinking preference can transform their relationship at work and life in general.Level up your Logic, reasons and judgment, Rectify erroneous thinking and boost logical thinkingHow “Revolving Door Test” can give you an entirely different perspective and offer better solutions.How to ‘chunk down’ big projects to boost your sequential thinking .Power-up Interpersonal Intelligence, Develop empathy, Understand Emotional brain to gain quick consensus on Complex IssuesPractical and effective tips to develop active listening and develop your interpersonal thinking skills.How reading literary non-fiction is quickest way to become more empathic with others.
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Som Bathla


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