The Minimalists

288 | Decluttering Friendships

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Joshua and Ryan talk about our desire for friendship that leads us to accumulate scores of friends, acquaintances, coworkers, partners, lovers, companions, contacts, colleagues, and associates; our realization that relationship clutter is getting in the way of loving, meaningful connections; and they answer the following questions:
Is it loving to let go? (00:00)
How can I stop feeling pressured to keep up with so many connections? (03:57)
I’ve never struggled to declutter my “friends” on social media when they no longer have a meaningful place in my life, but how do I explain their removal when they ask me about it without hurting their feelings? (13:53)
What does a truly healthy friendship look like? (20:56)
How do we ensure mutual respect in a relationship? (28:46)
How do we appropriately apply attention in a relationship? (29:43)
How do you define “toxic relationship”? (34:49)
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