Lewis Carroll,Lisa Claver

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (Marbie Studios)

Literary nonsense turns to whimsical imagery with a macabre twist in the pen-and-ink drawings of Jamison Odone. Stick figures have never emoted this much energy as each page brings a certain curiosity to a new light in this deconstruction of Lewis Carroll's classic. Starkly black and white, these stick characters are as much a quandary as their literary, cartoon and theatre counterparts ever were. Omitting much of the melodic verbiage of the original, Stickfiguratively Speaking creates a simple variation with an exquisitely sophisticated twist that's already being compared to Edward Gorey.
"Stickfiguratively Speaking is a way that I take stories that I love and adapt them in a visually simple way that is truthfully not all that simple," says Odone. "I view each of these books as an individual project in storytelling, design, and picture making.
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