1 000 000 books and audiobooks for just 59 tenge per day

activ is giving its subscribers 7 days of subscription to Bookmate, an easy-to-use application with an enormous library and an affordable subscription.


Your subscription will be renewed automatically after 7 days for 59 tenge per day.

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Once you have an audio subscription, you’ll get complete access to Bookmate’s audiobook library. Enjoy new releases, bestsellers, classics, and thousands of other audiobooks – in 13 different languages.
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Listen offline

Save audiobooks on your device and listen to offline — whenever and wherever you want.

On your smartphone, tablet or computer

Audiobooks synchronize between your devices. Pick up where you left off on your smartphone or tablet.

Kickback, relax, and listen

Customise the audio player and choose a speed that suits you.

Need some suggestions?

Popular media, experts, book lovers and our editors choose the best audiobooks and create themed bookshelves.

It’s more interesting with friends

Keep up with what your friends are listening, share your books and impressions.

Save big by getting a subscription!

You pay not for each book, but for access to the entire library. It’s a lot cheaper than buying each book individually.

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