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Hey Sunshine
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Side Effects May Vary, Julie Murphy
Hey Sunshine
Hey Sunshineshared an impression10 months ago
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she has to teach them how to heal their notion of themselves in the world. She has to convince them of their right to even be here at all. (Again: the arrogance of belonging.) She has to introduce them to the concept that they might actually be loved in return by the very entity that they themselves revere—by nature itself, by the very entity that created them.
Because otherwise it’s never going to work.
Because otherwise nobody—not the earth, not the students, not any us—will ever benefit.
While it may seem lonely and horrible at first to imagine that you aren’t anyone else’s first order of business, there is also a great release to be found in this idea. You are free, because everyone is too busy fussing over themselves to worry all that much about you.
Go be whomever you want to be, then.
Do whatever you want to do.
Pursue whatever fascinates you and brings you to life.
Create whatever you want to create—and let it be stupendously imperfect, because it’s exceedingly likely that nobody will even notice.
And that’s awesome.
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