Aqşin Kazımlı
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Aqşin Kazımlı
Aqşin Kazımlıshared an impressionlast year

This book give very comprehensive information about the human history from all prespectives, it rises a lot of questions and myriad answers, but not ensure with one answer, because answers of the most important questions are still unpredictable.
Overall, very good book if you like these kind of stuff :)

Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari
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Arnold Toynbee’s 12-volume Study of History
Jared Diamond-Guns Germs and Steel
of a chain of causes to interrupt the chain.
Jared Diamond-Guns Germs and Steel
Instead, they seek to use their understanding
Jared Diamond-Guns Germs and Steel
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